Banksy Just Released This 2-Minute Film About Gaza, The Dream Holiday Destination For 2015

Gaza, Your Dream Holiday Destination For 2015? Banksy the world’s most mysterious street artist just released a 2 minute film that takes a typical vacation advertisement and turns it on its head. Rumor has it that the man himself filmed parts of the video! Come to Gaza, says the short film. It’s a place off the tourist […]

[Breaking] Google Just Released This Urgent Warning About Our Privacy

[Breaking] Google Just Released This Urgent Warning About Our Privacy

Abiding by the constitution hasn’t seen to be a strength of the Obama administration, and now concern has been expressed by the world’s largest search engine, Google.  Earlier this week, the internet giant filed legal papers and expressed somber concern over the FBI’s digital search warrant plan, which is also known as Rule 41. This plan, which […]

Why Are The British Authorities Stealing Children From Loving Families?

Social services are there to protect vulnerable and abused children from harm, and few would argue with the fact that they play a crucial role in child protection. But in Britain, chilling stories of forced adoption have hit the headlines in recent years as many parents claim their children were stolen from them by the […]

Thousands Of Muslims Create Human Shield To Protect Synagogue

Thousands Of Muslims Create Human Shield To Protect Synagogue

As many are looking to create division between the many traditions of the world, there are even more people working to bring these cultures together. In the face of recent terror attacks, and calls for racist segregation, thousands of Muslims formed a human shield around one of Oslo’s synagogues in Norway this weekend, showing that […]

Russell Brand Slams Anti-Marijuana Propaganda Amid Claims It Causes Psychosis

Jon Snow is a well-known British journalist who was asked to smoke two balloons filled with a potent strain of skunk as part of a documentary into the effects of cannabis on the brain. Snow claimed he was more “frightened” than during his many news reports from war zones around the world, and said he […]

PhD Doctor Has This To Say About The Controversial HPV Vaccine

Back in 2011, Doctor Lucija Tomlijenovic Phd. obtained documents from the {British} Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) and the UK Department of Health (DH). She used the Freedom of Information Act to request transcripts and other papers which otherwise would not have made it into the public domain, and was shocked at what she […]