Palestinian Soccer Team Competes In First Major International Competition

Palestinian Soccer Team Competes In First Major International Competition

The Palestinian soccer team competed in its first international game this week, at the Asian Cup in Newcastle, Australia. Last year, the team won the AFC Challenge Cup, which qualified them for the 16-team Asian Cup in Australia. In Gaza City on Monday, hundreds of fans and supporters assembled to watch the game and celebrate the accomplishment. […]

Remember The Homeless Man Doing “Good Deeds” With The $100 He Received? It’s A Hoax

We recently posted a video of a homeless man that received $100 from a Youtube prankster who “secretly” recorded him while supposedly spending the money on other homeless people. There are now reports that this video was a hoax and that the homeless man was fully aware that he was being recorded. The video apparently raised more than $150,000 […]

Is The World Run By Psychopaths? See What John Lennon Had To Say About It

Is the world run by psychopaths? John Lennon thought so, and many of us would have to agree with him in the decades that have passed since this clip was recorded. A compilation of old interviews with the former Beatle make for interesting viewing: he discusses people power, oppression and the madness of the world […]

Man Creates An Organic Gardening And Theater Program For Juvenile Inmates

Man Creates An Organic Gardening And Theater Program For Juvenile Inmates

A man named Gabriel has created a charity called Colectivo Sustento, which provides a number of public services, including an organic gardening and theater program for juvenile inmates who are incarcerated in detention centers in Santiago, Chile. Gabriel had to push agressively for these programs, but eventually was able to convince officials at the Chilean […]

The Beginning Of The End For Zoos? Orangutan Wins Rights And Freedom In Landmark Case

An orangutan named Sandra has been granted the status of ‘non-human person’ in a landmark case that could potentially spell the end for keeping wild animals in captivity. Sandra has lived in a zoo in Buenos Aires for the past 20 years, and animal rights activists have been campaigning to free her. They argue that Sandra’s […]

This Guy Exposes Factory Farms Using a Drone. This Is What He Found So Far!

Mark Devries is a man on a mission. Since making “Speciesism: The Movie” in 2012, the director and activist has continued to expose cruel and shocking factory farming techniques by using spy drones to film secret ‘farms’ where animals are kept in horrific circumstances and never see the light of day. In this video, the […]

“Don’t Let It Happen”: Orwell’s Prophetic Final Words On The Madness Of The Modern World

This footage from a 2003 BBC docudrama about George Orwell’s life and works is so true, it’s terrifying. Some of the great author and activist’s final words on how he envisaged the future are very well known, but this clip is fantastic for gathering all his thoughts in one place (and sharing them with anyone who is […]