Anchor Admits To Owning Pot Club And Quits On Air

KTVA Journalist Charlo Greene made waves today after showing her support for cannabis legalization and quitting her job on air. “I´m the owner of the AK Cannabis Club,” Greene begins, “and will be dedicating all of my energy to fighting for freedom and fairness-  which begins with legalizing marijuana here in Alaska.” She pauses before continuing: […]

Ferguson Poet Uses Words Of Kindness To Change Police Attitudes

What´s the best way to deal with institutional racism and the continual police harassment of black Americans? According to 22-year old spoken word poet Marcellus Buckley, it´s  simple words of kindness.  Since first attending protests on August 14th, Marcellus has become known as Ferguson’s poet, distributing his poetry about social justice and inequality far and wide. […]

Here’s How Easily Someone Can Steal Your ATM Pin Code Without You Noticing And How To Prevent This From Happening

Mark Rober demonstrates this new simple way for ‘bad guys’ to steal your ATM pin code without you noticing. Fortunately, the way to prevent this from happening is also very simple. This information is so important to SHARE — help your family and friends protect themselves! Credits: Whydontyoutrythis.com