Get Ready For TTIP (trailer)

In a world full of challenges, where democracy has been fought for around the globe, some people took action to make things even worse. Get ready for TTIP, the biggest bilateral agreement ever between the US and EU, designed by corporations for corporations. stop-ttip.org Credits: filmsforaction.org

Brand Owns The BBC (And Thinks 9/11 Was An Inside Job)

Russell Brand- comedian, actor and thorn in the side of the establishment- has once again hit the headlines by calling on people to start a revolution, and implying that the September 11 attacks were carried out by the Bush administration. In an interview on Newsnight (a very respectable TV show about current affairs in Britain), […]

Germany Scraps Tuition Fees

Germany Scraps Tuition Fees

All German universities will offer free higher education starting this week, after the region of Lower Saxony changed its policies to fit with the rest of the country. German policy-makers say that free university education for all is a basic right, and that tuition fees are unfair and discourage poorer students from continuing with their […]