New Social Media Platform Dubbed “The People’s Site” by Anonymous

New Social Media Platform Dubbed “The People’s Site” by Anonymous

(ANTIMEDIA) Facebook may have finally met its match. By directly targeting the social media behemoth’s lack of messaging encryption, infamously opaque algorithms, and government and advertiser accessibility, Minds.comhas earned the attention of privacy advocates, activists, and frustrated Facebook users—and has even garnered active support from Anonymous. By employing many similar features found on Facebook and […]

If You Only Date People From Your Own Race, Does That Make You Racist?

This short video from The Guardian tackles issues of race, romance and stereotyping, asking why it is that most of us don’t look for love with people from other ethnic groups- and whether that makes us all secretly racist. Statistics earlier this year from dating site OK Cupid (in addition to data from facebook and various other […]

Ex-Big Pharma Sales Rep Exposes The Sinister Industry Killing Americans

Gwen Olsen used to deal drugs. She earned a lot of money doing it, and didn’t think about quitting until her niece, Megan Blanchard, died after a long period of severe depression and mental illness while on a cocktail of narcotics. Olsen wasn’t selling meth or heroin. She was selling prescription drugs as a sales […]