Homeless Mom Saved From Poverty By Homeless Man

A 39 year-old single mother who lost her job and then her home was saved from life on the streets by an unlikely hero- a man who has been homeless himself since 2004. The woman (a.k.a Sandy) and her ten year-old son had been living in a truck for three months and received no support from social services (although […]

Would You Walk By a Hungry, Desperate Child Without a Second Glance?

This social experiment from FouseyTube asks whether people in the street would give money to a child with a sign asking for money to buy food for her sister. Surprisingly or unsurprisingly (depending on your expectations) the child is pretty much ignored, and after three minutes you´ll be feeling deflated and may have lost your […]

Group Of Friends Start Free Laundry Service For The Homeless

Group Of Friends Start Free Laundry Service For The Homeless

Lucas Patchett and Nic Marchesi, of Brisbane, Australia, have founded the country’s first mobile laundry service that specifically serves the homeless. Their services are free, and are funded by independent sponsors who believe in what they are doing. The name of the organization is “Orange Sky Laundry”, named after a song by Alexi Murdoch, which […]

Brand Owns The BBC (And Thinks 9/11 Was An Inside Job)

Russell Brand- comedian, actor and thorn in the side of the establishment- has once again hit the headlines by calling on people to start a revolution, and implying that the September 11 attacks were carried out by the Bush administration. In an interview on Newsnight (a very respectable TV show about current affairs in Britain), […]