The Undocumented: The Tragic Fate Of Mexican Immigrants

The Undocumented is a cinema documentary by Marco Williams that exposes a little known consequence of current United States immigration policy. Since 1998, more than 2000 dead bodies and skeletal remains of illegal border crossers have been found in the desert in southern Arizona. The film chronicles Arizona’s deadly summer months, following humanitarians and Border […]

Kindhearted Barbers Spend Their Weekends Cutting Hair for The Homeless

Barber Mark Bustos recently hit the headlines for his generosity after sharing photos on his Instagram account of how he spends his weekends: cutting the hair of New York´s homeless. With 64,000 people living on the streets in NYC, these small acts of kindness can make all the difference.  For the past two years, Bustos […]

Homeless People Were Asked To Write Down A Fact About Themselves. Their Answers May Surprise You

Homeless People Were Asked To Write Down A Fact About Themselves. Their Answers May Surprise You

Rethink Homelessness asked homeless friends to write down a fact about themselves that other people wouldn’t know just by walking past them. Their answers may surprise you. This should happen everywhere… people need to see homeless people for what they are; people. Credits: Rethink Homelessness whydontyoutrythis.com

Can GMOs Help Feed the World?

Can GMOs Help Feed the World?

The claims about genetically engineered foods have been quite lofty. Monsanto and other proponents of biotechnology are fond of saying that genetic engineering is necessary if the world’s food supply is to keep up with seven billion people and counting. They claim GE crops produce higher yields, solve pest and weed problems, are safe for […]

The REAL Homeless Man Experiment

Perception is everything. From the clothes we pick out in the morning to the people we associate ourselves with on a daily basis, so many of the decisions we make every day are subconsciously based on how we want the rest society to view us. Some of us may scoff at those whom we perceive […]

This Guy Is Helping a Struggling Orphanage in South Africa. Hope You Are Ready For All The Feelz!

Nick skipped his flight to Cape Town to stay and help an orphanage in a local township. He is now the managing director of the orphanage and is working hard to improve the orphanage’s operations. They have just completed a long process to start their own nonprofit, Intsikelelo, to help raise money for these kids and their […]

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