Laws Against Feeding The Needy Should Be Met With Mass Civil Disobedience…Here´s One Idea

Last week we reported that a 90 year-old WW2 veteran was arrested for feeding the homeless in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The insane and cruel law that literally makes charity a crime (punishable by jail time) has been implemented in cities all over the States, and is a disgrace to the government. When you add into the mix […]

Homeless Mom Saved From Poverty By Homeless Man

A 39 year-old single mother who lost her job and then her home was saved from life on the streets by an unlikely hero- a man who has been homeless himself since 2004. The woman (a.k.a Sandy) and her ten year-old son had been living in a truck for three months and received no support from social services (although […]

Would You Walk By a Hungry, Desperate Child Without a Second Glance?

This social experiment from FouseyTube asks whether people in the street would give money to a child with a sign asking for money to buy food for her sister. Surprisingly or unsurprisingly (depending on your expectations) the child is pretty much ignored, and after three minutes you´ll be feeling deflated and may have lost your […]

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