Could You Handle Being In A Cage This Small For 4 Minutes? How About 4 Years?

The HSUS is on a mission to spread awareness about cruel gestation crates. We went to the streets for The Great Crate Challenge to see how well people could hold up to the pressure of being locked in a metal crate so small, you can’t move freely, touch your toes, or turn around. After four […]

The Most Honest Corporate Ad I Have Ever Seen. Just Brilliant!

In this hilarious satirical look at a corporate PSA, some energy executives tell us what they are REALLY thinking. Major international corporations have been operating on this premise for decades yet, for obvious reasons, will never have the courage to just say it like it is. This video does it for them! Warning: The language used […]

This Elephant Did Not Stand A Chance. Sleep Tight!

There’s no denying the strong bond between Lek one of the carers and this elephant in one of Thailand’s elephant park. He is instantly hypnotised while she sings lullaby to him and is snoring away.. Save Elephant Foundation is a Thai non–profit organization dedicated to providing care and assistance to the Thailand’s captive elephant population through a […]

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