Young Fashionistas Sent to Sweatshops in Cambodia for TV Series. This Is What Happened!

Young Fashionistas Sent to Sweatshops in Cambodia for TV Series. This Is What Happened!

They might have been like any other care-free, twittering teenagers when they left Norway and ventured to Cambodia to take part in an online reality series seeking to expose the horrors of sweatshop labor, but just one month abroad and their perspectives changed forever. A social experiment taped by Aftenposten (Norway’s largest newspaper), the three […]

JP Morgan Exposed As Thieves, CEO Still Crying That Banks Have It Tough

In one of the best rants against the banking system and corrupt politicians we’ve ever heard, The Young Turks (YouTube news analysis channel) host Cenk Uygur exposes JP Morgan and its CEO Jamie Dimon. Despite official figures earlier this month showing JP Morgan Chase earned $4.9 billion in the fourth quarter of 2014, Dimon has claimed that […]

What Everyone Should Know About The New European-American Trade Agreement

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a bilateral ‘free trade’ agreement currently under secret negotiation by the EU, USA and powerful industry lobbies. Very few Europeans have heard of this deal, which will change the face of Europe forever. They say the deal will create jobs and boost the economy, but after seven years of […]

Journalist Forces Banker To Answer A Simple Question: Watch Him Squirm!

Here’s a handy tip for any international bankers travelling to a press conference: don’t try to pretend you understand the anger and frustration of ordinary people by telling a cute anecdote about a conversation with a local taxi driver…it could spectacularly backfire, as the above video shows. At this meeting in Ireland, banker Klaus Masuch […]

TED Banned This Billionaire For Exposing Capitalism’s Biggest Lie

Nick Hanauer is a Seattle venture capitalist worth $1bn, and he’s been pissing off other one per-centers for some time, even writing articles like this one to warn his “fellow plutocrats” that if the minimum wage doesn’t rise to $15 soon, there will be a revolution in the States. The super-rich banker also appeared on […]

Imagine If We Could Turn All That Plastic In The Ocean Into A Plan To Fight Poverty

Every piece of plastic ever produced still exists, and most of it eventually ends up in our oceans. Imagine if we could collect the plastic devastating marine life and turn it into a currency that would ease poverty, clean up the environment, and pressure corporations to do the right thing? It might sound strange, but […]

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