Cat Carrying 5 Pounds Of Matted Fur Undergoes Radical Transformation

This cat was carrying over half of his body weight in matted fur. You'll never believe what he looks like now!

Credit: The Anti-Cruelty Society

Though cats make excellent companion animals, not everyone is suited to care for a feline. This was made clear when The Animal Cruelty Society based in Chicago rescued a Persian cat named Sinbad who was weighed down by 5 pounds of matted fur.

“Sinbad came in to our shelter after a utility worker saw him in the home of an elderly gentleman,” spokesperson Elliott Seranno told Low Meow. “The man wasn’t able to care for himself very well, and that was evident in Sinbad’s condition.

Because the 7-pound cat was largely immobile due to the mound of hair that weighed more than twice his body weight, his back legs atrophied. Fortunately, he didn’t lose his fighting spirit. Elliot added:

“He was so tolerant and sweet during the grooming which was grueling. It took hours. We had to force feed him for a bit to make sure his digestive system would keep working and not hurt his kidneys.”

This kitty’s story has a happy ending. After Sinbad received the treatment he required, the man who fostered the cat ended up adopting him. According to Elliot,

“Now he’s getting lots of TLC and attention… “I’m just astounded at how he just loves people, even though people haven’t always treated him very well.”

“It’s a lesson we could all learn,” he added.

Meet Sinbad, a Persian cat who was carrying 5 pounds of matted fur.

Credit: The Anti-Cruelty Society

He was rescued when a utility worker spotted him in an unsuitable home.

Credit: The Anti-Cruelty Society

Fortunately, The Animal Cruelty Society took him in…

Credit: The Anti-Cruelty Society

And shaved off the matted fur.

Credit: The Anti-Cruelty Society

Now, Sinbad has a new furrever home…

Credit: The Anti-Cruelty Society

Credit: The Anti-Cruelty Society

With the man who fostered, then adopted him!

Credit: The Anti-Cruelty Society

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