Cards Against Humanity Founders Create Super PAC Against Trump

They're using their humor to beat Trump in the election.

Credit: Chicago Tribune

Credit: Chicago Tribune

Cards Against Humanity is an adult humor, fill-in-the-blank game that has drawn in millions of players looking for something fun to do at home or at a small party. It’s lewd, offensive, competitive, and usually horrible, as it takes sensitive topics and turns them into jokes. What people might not know about the company that created the game, however, has recently gotten involved in politics.

A few weeks ago, they announced that they would be creating a super PAC that would favor Hillary Clinton and be anti-Trump. The political action committee is officially called The Nuisance Committee, an homage to co-creator Max Temkin’s grandfather Ira Weinstein’s time as a POW during WWII. While in the POW camp in Germany, Weinstein and others formed the “Nuisance Committee” to continuously irritate their captors. In a press release that announced the intentions of the super PAC, it stated,

“The comparison here between Trump and Hitler is intentional.”

This isn’t their first jab at Trump; in May of this year, they released a “Donald Trump Bug-Out Bag” that featured a gas mask, emergency food rations, an application to become a Mexican citizen, a hand-crank radio, seed packets, and other tools to survive “the collapse of civilization after Donald Trump is elected President.” All 10,000 duffel bags sold out, and Cards Against Humanity has made it clear that if Trump wins the election, all Americans without a duffel bag will perish in the wasteland.

Credit: Wired

Credit: Wired

In August, the company also released Trump and Hillary extension packs to pair with the original Cards Against Humanity game. All of the proceeds, no matter which pack you buy, go to Hillary Clinton and they have since raised $400,000 with the promotion.

Though the creators of the humorous game are actually against super PACs, they have a reason for creating one at this time. Temkin told GOOD, 

“Citizens United is a disaster for American democracy. The whole notion of having a super PAC is contrary to a lot of what I believe. But also, I’m sort of a progressive materialist. If you believe in the cause, you do materially what you can to win.

“If your opponent is going to be spending tons of money and using all of these legal tools to outflank you, to say that we’re going to stand on principle and we’re not going to spend any money, and we’re not going to fight back, and we’re not going to advocate for our values using all the tools that the system provides, then how much can you really care about the cause?”

Credit: Chicago Inno

Credit: Chicago Inno

Their first act as a super PAC involved putting up a billboard outside O’Hare International Airport in Chicago the day before Trump was scheduled to fly in. The billboard was simple but effective and read “If Trump is so rich, how come he didn’t buy this billboard?” It then directed viewers to check out a website called They have also released another website called

The super PAC will run at least until the election is over, at which point Cards Against Humanity hopes Hillary will have won. Temkin told GOOD that they plan to do everything they can to beat Trump.

“We have an ethical responsibility to use all of the tools at our disposal—design, comedy writing, copywriting, all these things that we’re good at—to do whatever we can to resist Trump”

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