Cannabis Treats For Dogs Can Help Canines Overcome Seizures, Pain, And Even Cancer

CBD-infused treats can help your dog overcome separation anxiety, pain, and even facilitate the healing of a number of conditions.

As the effects of cannabidiol, or CBD, have been studied, society’s stigma surrounding the use and cultivation of marijuana has begun to fade.

Now, every third person is considering supplementing their regime with cannabis oil to overcome an array of afflictions, and for good reason.

Plenty of anecdotes exist proving the benefits of using the non-psychoactive substance and even the U.S. National Cancer Institute has admitted that compounds in marijuana can kill cancer. 

Certainly, the times are changing, which is why a few progressive companies are beginning to sell dog treats which include CBD.

Household pets are now developing afflictions of the modern age, just like humans. It makes sense, then, that if they an endocannabinoid system, their human caretakers use cannabis oil to alleviate pain and help them heal.

Julianna Carella, the owner and founder of Treatibles, explains that dogs benefit just as much from ingesting CBD as humans.

She told Reason: 

“Most of the pet owners that are using the product are using it for separation anxiety, things like hip dysplasia and arthritis, mobility pain, aging — a lot of aging dogs are using the product — and then we have some dogs that have epilepsy that use the product with great success, some dogs with cancer … so it’s a pretty wide range of conditions that can be addressed with CBD really successfully.” 

Credit: The Free Thought Project

Credit: The Free Thought Project

According to the company’s website, Treatibles sells superfood wellness treats that have been infused with a proprietary blend of CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids derived from hemp grown for medicinal purposes.

In other words, the snacks won’t get your dog high, but they will help your pup cope with separation anxiety and live a more comfortable life.

Says Julianna:

“We seek to help strengthen and support animals with our CBD-rich products to provide preventative care throughout their lives and restorative care when they or sick or in pain.” 

While Treatibles are primarily marketed as treats for dogs, they are “safe for any animal with an endocannabinoid system, which is all animals except for insects.” 

That means rabbits and cats, for example, can benefit from the CBD-infused treats, as well.

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