Cannabis For Kids: From 700 Seizures A Day To A New Lease Of Life

Millie’s epilepsy was intolerable until her parents tried CBD treatment

Since she was a small baby, Millie had suffered from epilepsy and was having up to 700 painful and terrifying seizures a day. She was diagnosed with infantile spasms, a case so severe that her parents had little hope that she would ever walk or talk. In this clip from the National Geographic’s ‘Cannabis For Kids’ series, Millie’s consultant admits on camera that traditional pharmaceutical drugs for epilepsy can “cause tremendous problems for these children,” and her parents agreed. Millie was on three different medications and her parents wanted to explore the alternatives. “We felt like our hands were tied,” her father explains.

They made a tough decision to leave most of their possessions and move to Colorado, where medical marijuana is legal and accessible. Millie’s parents began administering CBD to treat the epilepsy, and saw a huge improvement immediately. “Within 15 minutes of giving her the first dose, she was wide awake and looking around,” says her mother. The first 90 days of CBD treatment amazed Millie’s parents: the number of seizures she suffered per day dropped by between 70-90%.

They admit that starting this journey was “scary and difficult,” but have no regrets whatsoever about their decision to use cannabis. “I don’t know why people are so afraid of this,” her father says. “We’ve gone from a place where we didn’t think we’d have our daughter with us for long to a place where it’s possible she will walk and talk like other children.” Her mother agrees, saying that when she thinks of the future, she imagines a happy one, one in which her daughter has “beaten the odds.”

This is all thanks to a miraculous natural healing plant, a gift to mankind which is still illegal in most of the world. Please share this video if you believe that more kids like Millie (and Sophie) should get a second chance at life.

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