Canadian Dentists Just Gave 150 Refugees Dental Work For Free

Recipients of the kind gesture can't stop smiling.

Credit: CBC

Since the Syrian crisis began in 2011, over 7 million people have been displaced and forced to leave their homes in the Middle East. To date, Canada has welcomed approximately 40,000. And recently, 150 refugees received some much-needed dental work – for free.

CTV News reports that 30 different dentists and hygienists in Ville Saint-Laurent, Montreal, offered up their services to provide dental consultations to refugees this last week. Because those who fled Syria left their homes, jobs, and valuables, it is nearly impossible for most to afford dental check-ups. It is for this reason the dentists and hygienists volunteered their time.

In addition to offering free consultations to all 150 refugees, the health care workers are also offering free follow-up visits for those who return.

Credit: CTV News

Syrian orthodontist Dr. Ayan Chamma spearheaded the collaboration between the Red Cross and volunteers from John Abbot College. Reportedly, the physician was inspired to help his native people who have struggled in adjusting to Canadian citizenship since they moved to the North American country.

Based on the numerous smiles seen in the following video, we believe he succeeded:

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