Canada Welcomes Syrian Refugees With Healthcare, Coats, And Amazing Display Of Solidarity

Every refugee received a warm coat with their new citizenship, along with Trudeau’s humble sentiment: "Welcome home".

When the first planeload of Syrian refugees arrived late Thursday in Toronto, Canada, they received an immense welcome from rallied citizens and the country’s new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

No doubt the journey to Canada was nerve-wracking for all 163 refugees, but they had much to look forward to upon stepping out of the airplane into the chilly Toronto air. Not only did the refugees receive a personal welcome from Trudeau, his cabinet, and many smiling Canadians, they were gifted warm coats with their new citizenship.

The New York Times reports that the airport terminal was converted into a special processing center that not only conducted the normal customs and immigration screenings but also greeted the Syrians with completed paperwork for their citizenry.

Trudeau met Canada’s new citizens with a smile and the sentiment, “You are home.”

To a man holding a toddler wearing a headband with flowers, he repeated the phrase: “Welcome to your new home.” 



The Prime Minister also got involved in helping the refugees find coats that fit. In return, one Syrian man thanked Trudeau “for all this hospitality and this warm welcome.” He also said the Canadian government had made him and his fellow refugees feel “highly respected” as they applied to be settled.

Jamkossian, a blacksmith, his wife, a sales clerk, and their daughter spent eight months in Lebanon before their arrival on Thursday.

“We suffered a lot,” Jamkossian said. “Now, we feel as if we got out of hell and we came to paradise.”

Sponsors from all over Canada have volunteered to aid the asylum-seekers in finding housing, and so far have already raised $24,000 for each Syrian family to ease their settlement.



This is an incredible testament to the good that can be accomplished when people put prejudices aside and work together to ensure all are cared for and comfortable.

The country expects to welcome 20,000 more refugees by the end of February.

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