Campaign Exposes How Abandoned Children Are Treated Based On Their Appearance

A young girl was treated differently by people based on how she looks.

Photo from YouTube

Photo from YouTube

Such was the experience of six-year-old girl Anano during a social experiment that she took a role in as part of the #FightUnfair Campaign put together by the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF).

In the said initiative, UNICEF looks to help disadvantaged children by giving them a fair shot at life because they believe that every child has the right to have the chance to a bright and promising future. Unfortunately, there are some children who are unable to have that as they are left behind due to various reasons such as poverty and abandonment.

The charitable organization, through the #FightUnfair Campaign, plans to remedy that but unfortunately for them, it’s not that simple – especially if people, like the ones Anano met during the experiment, are superficial and act indifferent to the ones they deem as unacceptable.

In the video below, six-year-old Anano – playing the part of an abandoned child, witnessed how people act differently based on how she looks. While people treat her with sincere care and attention, the same can’t be said when she’s dressed like a homeless kid. At some point, she was treated so badly that she ran away crying and the social experiment had to be called off.

Watch the heartbreaking video clip below.

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