California Firefighters Stop Truck To Give Shoes To Barefoot Homeless Man

Firefighters in Riverside, California, noticed an elderly homeless man walking barefoot, so stopped to help him by doing something wonderful...


Credit: CIty of Riverside Fire Department

While returning from a training exercise in Riverside, California, firefighters from Engine 6-C noticed an elderly homeless man trudging barefoot on the side of a freeway overpass.

Immediately, the crew stopped the truck so they could give the elderly man a pair of tennis shoes one of the firefighters kept aboard the rig.

Captain Rob Gabler jumped out and ran up to the man with the tennis shoes, then offered to help him put on the shoes. He also gave him some water, as the City of Riverside Fire Department noted on Facebook:

?Engine 6-C was returning from training and noticed a local elderly homeless gentleman walking very slowly on the side of the freeway overpass on Columbia. He had no shoes. Engine 6 pulled over and assisted the gentleman. Firefighter David Gilstrap offered his tennis shoes which he had on the engine company and Captain Rob Gabler walked over and assisted the elderly gentleman with putting the shoes on and offered him some water. Just another great example of the City of Riverside Fire Department helping our members of the community.?

Gabler?s wife, Connie Fox Gabler, commented on the post, saying, ?SO in love with that man of mine.?

Thanks to Engineer Chris Adams, the world was made aware of the touching deed. Truly, every act of kindness deserves to be celebrated.

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