Bus Driver Rescues 5-Yo Boy At Midnight Who Was Wearing Nothing But Shorts [Watch]

The crying child was discovered in 20 degrees Fahrenheit weather wearing nothing but shorts.

Credit: YouTube

Midnight bus driver Denise Wilson was just about to take a break from her route one night when she was startled to hear the sound of a child crying. After taking the time to find the source of the noise, she discovered a 5-year-old boy wearing nothing but shorts in twenty degrees Fahrenheit weather.

The image above shows Wilson carrying the young boy into the bus to save him from the frigid temperatures. The compassionate woman gave the boy her coat, something to eat, and then took him to the nearest gas station where someone was able to give him a shirt while they waited for the police to arrive.

Reportedly, the boy had gotten lost and wasn’t sure where to go when he lost all sense of direction. It’s not uncommon for individuals on the street to freeze to death, especially during winter and early spring, so Wilson’s activism may have just saved the five-year-old’s life.

Even though the incident was an accident, Denise is being commended for her actions nonetheless. Following is a recording of the rescue:

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