Bus Driver Helps The Homeless, So This Community Thanked Him In An Incredible Way

When the bus driver noticed a homeless man in need of assistance, he pulled a 5-pound bill from his pocket and asked one of the commuters to run it to him. That generous act earned him recognition in his community.


Credit: Faris Khalifa

It was an ordinary day. Or at least, it started out that way.

Liverpool resident Faris Khalifa was riding a bus last week when the driver of the bus made an unexpected stop.

Seeing a homeless man on the street in need of assistance, the driver of the bus pulled a five-pound note from his pocket and asked Khalifa to run it over to the man sitting in the rain.

And just like that, the charitable exchange was over and bus driver ?Stephen? drove on. The inspired act was so moving to Khalifa, however, he spent the rest of the ride – and much of his evening – contemplating how to thank the kind driver.

With the help of the local bus company, Khalifa arranged a meeting under the guise of handing Stephen a thank you card. In reality, the citizen had told the story to local businessmen who?d chipped in for a gift basket. The gift included vouchers for lunch and dinner, a collection of cheeses and bottles of rum and bourbon.


The amazing story doesn?t end there. Before being surprised with the bundle of goodies, Stephen surprised everyone else with one more contribution of kindness. He handed Khalifa his old Army sleeping bag and asked him to gift it to someone who needed it on his way home.

?This was the second time he nearly made me cry,? Khalifa wrote on his Facebook page. ?This ex-army, married father of one is the embodiment of what this city is. Pure love for all who need it.?

This is the kind of news that inspires faith in humanity.?

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