Bulletproof Cafe Is Opening In NYC To Spread Butter-Drinking Craze

You heard right, fatty coffee is coming to New York as the Bulletproof brand goes global.

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In case you haven’t heard, putting butter in one’s coffee is the latest health food craze. The idea took off in Silicon Valley after entrepreneur David Asprey made it his mission to “bio hack” the human body by putting it into a fat-burning ketosis mode. Read more here.

Now that everyone has heard of Bulletproof Coffee, a cafe devoted to the butter-drinking fad will be opening in New York. Though there are two branded cafes in California, this is the first one that will be opened on the East Coast.

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Butter-laced coffee is purported to help one lose weight if they stick to a ketogenic diet plan – meaning consuming limited carbohydrates, moderate protein and a lot of fat. Customers can presently get the iconic beverage at Bulletproof cafes in Santa Monica and Los Angeles. A typical cup runs about $4.75 USD and can be purchased along with burritos, bone broth, and corn-less tacos.

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Asprey envisions opening more cafes in Seattle, Washington; Austin, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; San Diego, California and San Francisco California. However, his present focus is expanding to the East Coast, specifically New York.

“We’re bolding a global brand,” he stated. In the New York cafe, grab-and-go food will be available, though it will be primarily focused on coffee.

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Bulletproof offers a plethora of products to health-crazed foodies online. Additionally, items ranging from mycotoxin-free coffee to collagen are sold in more than 1,000 retail and grocery stores – including Whole Foods Market – across the nation, reports Bloomberg. In 2016 alone, sales of Bulletproof brand items rose by 37 percent. In total, the business has raised about $15 million in venture-capital funding.

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