Building Our Own Future – Literally

Welcome to Open Source Ecology and their “Global Village Construction Set.” Unlike many uses of the term “global,” the concept behind OSE is not a centralized solution, but rather the leveraging of open source hardware on a localized level to achieve a “greater distribution of the means of production,” with tools that would “last a lifetime, not designed for obsolescence.” This is the 2011 TED talk given by OSE founder and director, Marcin Jakubowski, who set out to prove that “industrial productivity can be achieved on a small scale,” through the use of simple, DIY-built tools ranging from brick presses to tractors and beyond.

3 Responses to Building Our Own Future – Literally

  1. Good .. we need to be independent and self-sustaining at least in few ways

  2. this is amizing inspiring indeed truthfully splendid kindness and innovation good intentions and good connections i love it!

  3. Wow, this guy is really brilliant! We need more of his type thinking and acting for the World Good.

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