British University Bans “Politically Incorrect” Words Including Mankind, Man-Made, and Housewife

In an effort to be more politically correct, Cardiff Metropolitan University has banned its professors and lecturers from using a list of common words such as waitress, fireman, manpower, and mankind.

Credit – Telegraph

With many universities throughout the West attempting to create a more inclusive environment for some of its members, some institutions of higher learning have decided to take such gestures to the extreme. In a crack-down on “gendered language,” Cardiff Metropolitan University has decided to ban lecturers and professors from using numerous common phrases including mankind, man-made, and housewife among numerous others. The university said that these terms should be replaced with “politically correct” words that would “promote an atmosphere in which all students and staff feel valued.”

A list of some of the words banned by Cardriff Met and its “approved alternatives”, Credit – Daily Mail

The new rules on “inclusive language” are not just limited to gender. Other banned terms includes the term “Christian name” which – according to the university – should be replaced with “forename” or “last name” to avoid offering those practicing different faiths. In addition, staff are prohibited from saying “wheelchair bound” which is “patronizing” and must now use the term “wheelchair user” which is “empowering.”

The new rules on unacceptable terms can be found within the institution’s Equal Opportunities policy. Violations of the new rules could result in disciplinary action against staff.

According to the document:

“Should individuals consider that in the course of interaction with students or staff that this code has not been adhered to and that further action is required, there are two courses of action. For students please refer to the Bullying and Harassment Policy. For staff members the Disciplinary procedure applies, as it does in the event of students talking inappropriately to staff.”

Numerous other terms are included in the list including: best man for the job, forefathers, manpower, man in the street, right-hand man, headmistress/headmaster, waiter/waitress, and even Mrs and Miss. The guide also warns staff from “falling into the trap of making assumptions based on your own cultural background.” The new policy ironically adds “Don’t be too anxious about the use of language, though.”

The new measures have been heavily criticized by proponents of free speech. As the Daily Mail noted: “Critics warn that [the new policy] is breeding a ‘snowflake’ generation who demand ‘safe spaces’ from ideas they might find offensive. They have questioned how such students will be able to deal with the hazards of the real world when they emerge.”

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