British Passengers Defend Muslim Sisters Being Harassed On Train

When a man accused two Muslim women of being terrorists, transiting passengers stood up for the shocked sisters.

When a Muslim woman and her sister boarded the Tyne & Wear Metro in North East England on November 21, they weren’t expecting to be harassed for their faith.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened. Another passenger began verbally abusing the pair, accusing them of trying to bomb fellow passengers. He then demanded they get off the train.

Before either could respond, however, a woman stood up for them. Soon, more passengers expressed their dismay at the bully and stuck up for the shocked sisters, reports The Guardian.

Seeing that no one was taking his side, the man left the train at the next stop, causing the car to erupt in applause.

After it was over, one of the sisters, Ruhi Rahman, took to Facebook to thank the people she called “my angels.”
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She wrote in a Facebook post:

“Everyone gave me a hug. It made me smile and appreciate how lovely they all were.”

“There’s a lot of bad in society. But my experience proves that good will always outweigh the bad.”

To condemn an entire group of people based on the actions of a few is incredibly unfair. It’s time we stop judging others based on ethnicity, income, and religion, don’t you think?

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