Brilliant LEGO Campaign Encourages Kids To Build Their Dream Career

LEGO wants to help kids build their futures.

Credit: LEGO

In a new ad campaign being promoted by LEGO, print photos featuring children building their dream career have been gaining popularity since their release. The print ads were submitted to the Cannes festival and took home 3 silver Lions and a bronze, and rightfully so. Fusing together creativity and ambition, the photos encourage children to dream big and to use LEGOs to help them do so.

The campaign was designed by Ogilvy Bangkok, who targeted the nostalgic and inspirational aspects of children using LEGOs as a key component of building their favorite things. In this case, the children were depicted as building their dream career from the inside, and Ogilvy Thailand vice chairman Nopadol Srikieatikajohn explained each element that went into creating these prints.

“Lego’s ultimate purpose is to inspire and develop children to think creatively, reason systematically and release their potential to shape their own future. The brand believes that play is a key element in children’s growth and development. High-quality play enriches a child’s life and lays a strong foundation for adult life,” Srikieatikajohn said.

Credit: LEGO

LEGOs have been a staple in most children’s lives around the world and are an important part of their development by helping children build their creativity and science and communication skills. As a result, their ads not only promote their products, but it encourages children to use them as a building block for their future.

“To communicate the brand belief, we created this ad series to visualize the idea to consumers. We utilize the visual of a kid building with Lego bricks in the shape of his or her dream career. The Lego bricks that are being built symbolize the kids’ development, which gradually grows bigger and closer to their dream future,” Srikieatikajohn explained.

Credit: LEGO

Rather than actually building the figures, Ogilvy called upon Illusion in Bangkok to create 3-D illustrations of the careers that kids most yearn for, which turned out to be an astronaut, a firefighter, and a rockstar. The ads were placed in areas where kids that might already be interested in the field could see them; for example, the astronaut one was placed in planetariums and science museums.

“Each was designed to be in the lighting closest to each career working atmosphere—the astronaut girl in space lighting, the rockstar boy in concert lighting, and the firefighter boy in fire-like lighting,” Srikieatikajohn elaborated.

Credit: LEGO

Ultimately, Ogilvy says that there are plans in the works to actually create the figures in real life as an extension of this campaign to encourage kids to “build their future.” Since careers from different fields and both boys and a girl are represented in the ads, this is a step forward for the innovative children’s toy that is promoting progress to encourage growth.

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