Brilliant Ad Depicts How ‘The More We Connect, The Less We Connect’

Does technology come between you and your loved ones?

Credit: Shying he

Credit: Shying he

It’s easy to get distracted living in the modern world, with everything from advertisements to the latest game right at your fingertips. But when one chooses to tap into technological innovations rather than be present with family members and friends, it’s like constructing a wall that ‘shuts you off’ from communicating with those in your life. And as we’ve shared before, such behavior may inevitably take its toll psychologically.

Perhaps no one has yet conveyed this better than designer Shying he who created a series of ads for the Shenyang Center for Psychological Research to highlight the detrimental effects smartphones can have on human relationships.

Employed by the advertising agency Ogilvy in Beijing, Shying’s work translates to most modern homes around the world.

The three ads convey typical home-life situations, with an oversized smartphone in the middle blocking any conversation between the two people in the image.

Credit: Shying he

Credit: Shying he

Credit: Shying he

Credit: Shying he

This isn’t the first time True Activist has shared enlightening media to inspire you – and others – to be more present in your day-to-day activities. If you have not yet read “These 30+ Cartoons Illustrate How Smartphones Are The Death Of Conversation” or “After I Saw This, I Put Down My Phone And Didn’t Pick It Up For The Rest Of The Day,” we highly suggest it.

The caption at the bottom of each image reads “The More You Connect, The Less You Connect”do you agree?

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