Bridesmaid Doesn?t Think Twice Before Jumping Into Lake To Save Baby Swan

"Faith in humanity: restored"

Credit: Rose Hardy

Credit: Rose Hardy

If you need a reason to believe in the goodness of humanity today, read on.

Recently, a formal wedding shoot was taking place in Gloucester, England when the party was disturbed by an offensive squawking sound.

Photographer Rosie Hardy told Good News Network😕

?We had just assembled the bridesmaids around the bride and groom, when suddenly we heard this AWFUL traumatic squawking. This nasty black swan had stolen one of the goslings from two parents, and had its beak around its neck trying to drown it.?

Within seconds, one of the bridesmaids, named Faye West – who also happens to be the sister of the bride, kicked off her heels and marched into the lake. She was determined to save the gosling – and succeeded!

Credit; Rose Hardy

Credit; Rose Hardy

Hardy recalled:

?By the time I shouted for help from onlookers, Faye was already shoe-less and bounding over to the lake like a live woman, with a mission! She didn?t break speed as she hit the water, and within seconds the swan had gotten the message.?

After scaring off the black swan, West plucked up the tiny bird and returned it to its mother on the opposite side of the bank.

?The geese swam off quite happily a little while later, but not before letting off two very lovely honks to thank her,? added Hardy.

Credit: Rose Hardy

The photographer made sure to snap a photo of the feathered family and post the story on Facebook.

?We are breathing a sigh of relief that the big day went well, and with no gosling fatalities in the photos,? Mark Jefferies, husband of the bride, was quoted as saying in local newspapers.

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