Brian Williams Latest Excuse For Lying: “Maybe I Had A Brain Tumor”

Brian WilliamsBrian Williams, formerly one of the most trusted news anchors in America, was recently exposed as a liar after he was caught fabricating an experience he allegedly had in Iraq. Williams had falsely claimed that he was riding in a helicopter that came under enemy fire.

In the wake of the scandal, Williams has refused to actually admit guilt, and has made every attempt possible to make excuses for himself.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair magazine, an NBC employee said that Williams refused to actually say that he lied, even off camera and behind closed doors. In fact, Williams even tried to say that maybe he had a brain tumor.

“He couldn’t say the words ‘I lied,’, we could not force his mouth to form the words ‘I lied.’ He couldn’t explain what had happened. [He said,] ‘Did something happen to [my] head? Maybe I had a brain tumor or something in my head?’ He just didn’t know. We just didn’t know. We had no clear sense of what had happened. We got the best [apology] we could get,” the NBC employee said.

Since Brian William’s has been exposed as a liar, his trust among mainstream media consumers has plummeted. For some reason, prior to his admission of lying about being in a helicopter that was hit with an RPG, Brian Williams was the 23rd most trusted celebrity in the country.

Now, after he has become the celebrity pariah of the month, he has quickly dropped to number 835, according to The Marketing Arm, a group that tracks celebrity perception through online polls.

Luckily, consumers are losing faith in the mainstream media across the board. According to the same source, Anderson Cooper is listed at 304, while Matt Lauer ranks in at 751.

Sadly, the poll also found that over 66% of viewers said that they still trust Williams “to some degree.”

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