Breakthrough Results In First White Rhino In Years, Watch Him Learn To Walk

Thanks to a new breeding protocol, a captive Southern White rhino was able to give birth to a healthy young calf. Watch as he learns to walk!

After ten years of attempting to breed Holly, an endangered Southern White rhino who lives in the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, conservationists finally found success.

Their efforts resulted in the birth of the calf who can be seen in the video above learning to walk.

Reportedly, changing Holly’s diet was the key to success. Zoologists gave her more nutrient-dense foods found in the wild, such as soy and alfalfa pellets, and this helped her become more fertile.

The breakthrough breeding protocol will ensure that the southern white rhino population does not go extinct. However, the Northern White rhino population does not fare as well.

Though the South African government has helped revive populations of the Southern White rhino, there are only FOUR northern white rhinos left in the world. Natural breeding is no longer an option, so scientists continue to impregnate the females in-vitro.



At least with this positive news, there is hope that generations in the future will have the privilege of looking after rhinos.

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