BREAKING: NY Attorney General Shuts Down Trump Foundation Over Fraud

The injunction comes only hours before Wikileaks is due to announce its next round of leaks expected to damage Hillary Clinton's campaign.


Donald Trump’s “charitable” foundation has been shut down by the Attorney General of New York state, Eric Schneiderman. The “notice of violation” forces the organization to immediately cease soliciting donations in New York. The announcement came as a surprise to many even though it is only the culmination of a series of recent revelations over the corrupt dealings realized by Trump through his foundation. Trump was caught using his Foundation funds to illegally pay off personal debts and also funneled foundation money in an “under-the-table” donation to re-elect Pam Bondi as Florida’s Attorney General in 2013.The donation came at a time when Bondi was considering launching an investigation into the fraudulent Trump University, but dropped the investigation upon receiving Trump’s generous “contribution.”


NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman publicly supports Clinton but claims his investigation of the Trump Foundation is not politically motivated.

Over the years, the foundation has raised millions of dollars and, over the course of the last 8 years, those contributions have come from donors other than Trump. Between 2009 and 2014, the Trump Foundation raised $4.36 million with $2.5 million of that sum coming directly from New Yorkers. Many of those donations were misreported and may be evidence of fraudulent activity. Though Trumps’ foundation has indeed engaged in dubious financial activities, the timing of the shutdown is conspicuous. New York’s attorney general is a fervent supporter of Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, and the injunction against Trump’s foundation comes only hours before a highly-anticipated Wikileaks announcement which could potentially “doom” Clinton’s campaign. It is highly possible that this was announced today to detract from the upcoming leaks, which are likely to be highly damaging to Clinton’s campaign, by re-focusing negative media attention on Trump.

Clinton herself also has an extremely dubious and fraudulent “charitable” foundation, which may actually be worse than Trump’s considering it is so much larger. The Trump Foundation raised $4.36 million in 5 years while the Clinton Foundation raked in $140 million in 2013 alone. Several Wall Street analysts have called Clinton’s foundation “charity fraud” on a truly massive scale, considering that only 0.06% of Clinton foundation donations actually go to direct aid.

The Clinton foundation has also misreported its donations so much that it is being investigated by the IRS for fraud. It also received massive donations from foreign governments while Clinton served as Secretary of State, which has led some to accuse Clinton of running a “pay-to-play” scheme. Why has NY Attorney General Schneiderman refused to mention the Clinton Foundation’s equally obvious fraud if his concern over Trump’s foundation is as unbiased as he claims? The fact is that both Clinton and Trump are corrupt elites and singling out only one of them blinds us to the equally nefarious dealings of the other, behavior that either one is likely to take with them to the White House.

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