BREAKING: DNC Hacker Claims to Have Hacked the Clinton Foundation

Guccifer 2.0 posted leaks he claim came from the Clinton Foundation's servers, though some have called this into question. Documents posted by the hacker suggest that Democratic Congressmen were essentially bribed in 2008 for supporting the bank bail-out and other documents are currently available for download.


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Update – October 5th

Many of the documents released by Guccifer 2.0 appear to originate from the Virginia branch of the DNC as the downloadable database of the hacks show DNC’s Virginia office lease documents and several Democratic National Committee documents. However, many documents regarding Republicans are also present, including information on Bush and Cheney RNC fundraisers as well as documents speaking of only Republican concerns. One of these was an unusual document titled “Possible Members Not Paying Taxes” which only lists two names: David Dreier and Jerry Lewis, both former Republican Congressmen. Neither of them are members of the DNC, suggesting that perhaps this database was a collection of pertinent information involving both the RNC and DNC stored on a Clinton Foundation server. On the other hand, it could be “dirt” on the Republicans held by the Virginia DNC for potential future use.

In the “Pay to Play” folder that had been touted as potential proof of Clinton Foundation corruption, there appeared only a handful of documents documenting “pay to play” schemes carried out by Republican Congressmen, most notably Jeff Denham (R-CA) and Brian Bilbray (R-CA). The documents consist of research compiled by research associates for the DNC and some of them are incomplete with phrases like “blah blah blah” filling in research gaps. This folder, which received much hype, appears to support the possibility that this folder was intended to contain evidence of Republican “pay to play” schemes that could be used by Democrats in upcoming elections. Overall, these leaks from the Guccifer 2 are disappointing when compared to his earlier releases. How unusual to have both Wikileaks and the DNC hacker himself disappoint within 24 hours of each other.

Although Wikileaks disappointed many by not revealing anticipated leaks on Hillary Clinton, Guccifer 2.0, the hacker responsible for the DNC leaks, dumped a series of incriminating documents allegedly taken from the Clinton Foundation. The hack of the Clinton Foundation was foreshadowed when the “charitable” foundation of Hillary Clinton and her family hired FireEye, a well-known security firm, to examine data systems “after seeing indications they might have been hacked.” However, the announcement was well-timed as it comes only days after the Trump Foundation was shut down for fraud by the NY Attorney Genera, in what some say was politically-motivated move.

It remains to be seen what impacts, if any, these newest leaks will have on Clinton’s campaign as well as her foundation. The hacker used the same “spear phishing” technique used to target the Democratic National Committee that allowed him to gain access to the foundation’s network. These techniques often involve the creation of fake email accounts or fake websites in an effort to gain access to Clinton Foundation staff emails. The Clinton Foundation, at the time, declined to comment on the hacking and, in light of today’s release, have denied the allegations.

Guccifer 2.0 posted several of documents on his website, though many of them appear to have been taken from the DNC server and not the Clinton Foundation. The most damaging of those documents is a file that lines up Democratic Congressmen with their donations received from financial institutions (ie Big Banks) and the amount of 2008 bank bailout or TARP funds they received. Guccifer himself noted that this spreadsheet implies that big banks and other recipients of the taxpayer-funded bail-outs agreed to donate a certain percentage of those bail-outs to several Democratic congressmen, including Barney Frank who sponsored legislation to “regulate” those same big banks.


Another potential damaging revelation may be an image taken of a root directory which revealed a folder named “Pay to Play.” Depending on the true origins of these leaks, it will be a headache for either Clinton or the DNC to explain the folder’s name. This further suggests that the “pay to play” scheme exposed by the last round of the DNC leaks was truly widespread among democratic operatives and at the Clinton Foundation, that is if the leaks are genuine. Other documents posted directly on Guccifer 2’s site included alleged donor lists and donations given by the private financial sector to various US politicians.


At the end of the leak’s announcement, Guccifer 2.0 posted a link to all hacked databases as they were too large to upload directly to his site. Note: True Activist is currently examining these other documents and will update this article with new findings as they become available. Check our site over the next 24 hours for updates.

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