BREAKING: DCLeaks Releases Emails Of Long-Time Clinton Advisor Capricia Marshall

The DC Leaks website became inaccessible soon after the leak was announced but some of the hacked emails suggest that Clinton's campaign may have broken campaign finance laws last April.


After both Wikileaks and Guccifer 2.0 failed to release highly anticipated Clinton-related leaks earlier this week, another group of hackers seems to have delivered. DCLeaks, who have previously hacked Colin Powell’s emails as well as George Soros’ dubious ‘Open Society Foundation,’ has just released the private email correspondence of Capricia Marshall, a long-time Clinton adviser and friend who also worked under Hillary Clinton at the State Department.

Marshall served as Chief of Protocol at the State Department until 2013 and was one of the last Clinton ?insiders? to leave after Clinton left her position as Secretary of State. She became a confidant of the Clinton family during Bill Clinton’s 1992 Presidential campaign where she worked as a special assistant to Hillary Clinton. She has also worked on Hillary’s senatorial and presidential campaigns and has helped lead fundraising efforts. Unlike the recent emails released by Guccifer 2.0, these emails appear to be authentic. Thousands of email have been released and they have been divided by DC leaks into 8 categories: Atlantic Council, Clinton Foundation, Conversations with Coca-Cola VP Michael Goltzman, Conversations with Clinton’s team, Favor, Fundraising, Inside the Elite, and Women’s Club.


Marshall’s bio and leaked email categories posted on the DCLeaks page

The leaks clearly have struck a nerve as the DCLeaks site came under attack soon after the leak was announced and the leaked Marshall emails are currently inaccessible. However, DCLeaks did post several of the emails on their Twitter account. Several of them showcase Hillary’s donors and contributors and some contain the private email addresses of former Secretary of State Madeline Albright ( as well as long-time Clinton aide Cheryl Mills ( Hillary’s new email was also revealed to be in one of the leaked emails.


Marshall (L) having a conversation with Hillary Clinton and Barack and Michelle Obama on Air Force One

Another hacked email is titled ?FW: Lists? and was sent to Capricia Marshall from Jackson Dunn of FTI consulting. FTI consulting specializes in corporate finance and restructuring, economic consulting, forensic and litigation consulting, strategic communications and technology. Dunn, in the email refers to the attachment as ?fixer – top secret.? The original email is from Amanda McTyre of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and is dated May 15, 2015. She notes that there are 710 individuals in the DC area who gave significantly more than the legal donation limit for individuals ($2,700) and were noted as ?max outs.? McTyre said that the extra money could not be refunded but that ?should be fixed soon.?

Most of the individuals listed in the documents gave over $5,400, nearly double the legal limit. If these refunds were never issued ? as Dunn’s ?top secret? comment suggests, this could be proof that Hillary’s campaign knowingly broke campaign finance laws regarding the limits for individual contributors. In addition, others who received the same email made no mention of refunding the amounts and Marshall herself referred to McTyre’s news as “terrific.” They then discussed making plans with some of the ?max outs? for a casual get-together to ?informally? discuss the campaign. However, the receipts of these generous and potentially illegal individual donations did not stop Hillary’s campaign from systemically overcharging her poorest donors.

Once the DC Leaks database is back online the True Activist team will investigate the thousands of leaked emails and will then update this article accordingly. The categories listed on the DC Leaks, especially ?Inside the Elite? and ?Clinton Foundation,” suggest many interesting revelations may be forthcoming.

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