Brave Police Officer Smashes Through Frozen Ice To Save A Puppy In The Middle Of A Freezing Lake


Turkish police diver, Burak Okten rescued a puppy that was stranded on a chunk of ice in the middle of a freezing lake just in the nick of time. Okten, who was not afraid to risk hypothermia swam 150 meters across the Bostanici Goleti lake and smashed through the frozen ice with his bare hands to rescue the animal.


Once he reached the puppy, he carried her to shore where rescuers administered CPR and covered the freezing puppy in blankets to bring her warm temperature back. Okten said that the puppy was already suffering from hypothermia at this point. “It was hard to reach the dog. It was a tough swim but well worth it as I am happy to save the animal.” The video, released by the city of Van, Turkey shows the police diver bravely swimming and breaking ice waters to reach the dog who was lying still on a still solid ice patch.

“It was the final moments, I barely made it. It’s good we rescued [her],” the officer said, back on dry land.


The puppy was clinging on to its life when she was then transported to a veterinary clinic where she made a swift recovery in intensive care within two days.

Okten then ended up adopting the puppy for himself, and named her ‘Buz,’ which means ice in Turkish. After making the announcement of adopting Buz, he said: “We had very little hope when she got out of the water. I didn’t expect her to survive.”

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