Jogger Saves Wild Sheep Struggling To Free Its Horns From A Tree [Watch]

When this runner came across a stuck mouflon sheep, he knew it needed assistance. So, he summoned up the courage to get close to the struggling animal and helped set it free.

Bouncing along a dirt path, humming to the tunes in your head, and appreciating nature, would you stop to help a perturbed big-horned sheep trying to free itself from a tree?

Most people would likely run from the unsettling sight, but not Krystof Wlodarczyk. While out for a run, the Polish man encountered a mouflon sheep with its horns entangled in a small tree.

Knowing the animal needed his help, Wlodarczyk summoned up the courage to step in?and was able to get close enough to the frantic sheep to help set it free.

The man?s reaction to his success needs no translation: ?YES!?

This video, recorded earlier this year, was taken in a forest near Konin. The triumph is certainly worth sharing again, however, don’t you agree??

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