Brave Chefs Dive Into Freezing Waters To Save Drowning Kangaroo

These men don't believe that what they did was brave.

Credit: Garry Benson

Credit: Garry Benson

One energetic kangaroo was hopping around a peninsula last week when he found himself in a bit of trouble. What started off as a relaxed day at the beach turned into a nightmare for the kangaroo, who was just looking to have some fun and take a dip. The solo creature was spotted hopping across the beach and into the ocean, despite the cold temperatures, where he soon became stranded near a rocky area.

When it became clear that the kangaroo didn’t know how to make it back on his own, two local chefs didn’t hesitate to bound in after him and make a daring and cold rescue. The chefs, Jeff Della-Mina and Dan Marshall, ran past the state’s emergency services minister and several witnesses to jump in the water and go after the animal.

Credit: Garry Benson

Credit: Garry Benson

The kangaroo was understandable wary of the two men and struggled, but eventually he became so tired that he complied. Della-Mina told The Advertiser,

“When we got to him he was pretty knackered and he was struggling. We tried to corral it back to shore as it had tried to swim back out into the bay. I think he was happy to have the human help.

Credit: Flying Fish Cafe, Port Elliot

Credit: Flying Fish Cafe, Port Elliot

Once they made it to shore, the three were met by Country Fire Service and State Emergency Service crews, who watched as the kangaroo coughed up loads of water and wrapped him tightly in a blanket to get his body heat back up. An animal rescue expert observed it for another 10 minutes to make sure the critter was okay, and then the kangaroo made a full recovery and hopped off into the nearby scrub.

Credit: Garry Benson

Credit: Garry Benson

Despite their willingness to help the animal, the men don’t regard themselves as heroes. Della-Mina said,

“We are not brave, not at all. It just needed help. We like animals and we just wanted to give him a hand.”

Witnesses to the event and the boy’s manager at their restaurant, Jo Smith, beg to differ. Smith said,

“They are pretty amazing boys I tell you. I think they are damned bloody good heroes.”

It’s not everyday that people get the chance to help save a life, but this pair was presented with the opportunity and did not hesitate to risk it all in order to save the kangaroo. If that’s not heroism, then it’s difficult to say what is.

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