Boy With No Shoes Gifts Stray Dog A Sweater To Keep Him Warm

This street kid is more compassionate than individuals with endless wealth.

Credit: Mohammad Belaal Imran

Why is it that some of the least fortunate individuals in the world are the most compassionate and caring? Some suppose it?s because they know what it?s like to have nothing, therefore, treasure everything. If that?s true, there?s a valuable lesson to be learned from a young boy in Pakistan who gave a sweater to a stray dog, despite having no shoes to keep his own feet warm.

The Dodo relays that when freelance filmmaker Mohammad Belaal Imran ventured through a section of Karachi, Pakistan, he snapped a photo of the young boy and the dog at his side wearing a sweater.

The image alone is captivating, as layers of depth can be found when one peers at the young child and the dog at his side. Further inspection by Imran, however, allows one to learn the backstory of the boy.

In an online post, Imran wrote:

“While i was trying to capture him this boy came calling ‘Jaggu, Jaggu’ and the dog went crazy after him. He started playing with him, which was unbelievable as i never saw a stray dog playing like he was with this kid who feeds him everyday, and he is the one who gave Jaggu his shirt to wear because it’s cold.?

The boy is smiling from ear to ear in the photo, which is entrancing in itself, considering he is probably one of the ?street kids? who lives and works in cities across Pakistan. Reportedly, his affection toward the dog, Jaggu, is rarely witnessed. This is because though he lacks basic necessities like shoes and security, he has found a way to care for his friend.

His smile tells all.

I saw this dog last night at Bahadurabaad wearing a full sleeves shirt and while i was trying to capture him this boy…

Posted by Mohammad Belaal Imran on Sunday, December 18, 2016

Since the photo went viral, a number of people have reached out to Imran asking to help. To assist the boy and a dog, a GoFundMe page has been launched by the photographer?s friend, Suhaib Jamal Nasir. The description page explains that funds “will be used to give the boy and the dog proper clothing, food, shelter as well as medical care for both these best friends.?

You can help by clicking here. There?s much to be learned by this boy?s example, especially for people in first-world countries who have more than enough in this life. Circumstances can change in an instant, but what always remains is one?s attitude.

If you?re interested in helping street kids like this young man, visit Azad Foundation’s website for more information. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

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