Boy With Autism Sells Drawings For $1 To Buy Toys For His Sick Brother

The generous boy has helped raise over $9,000 for his sick brother.

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When people are sick, it?s natural for their friends and family members desire to care for them. For 10-year-old Haden Edwards, buying toys for his sick brother Max was the only thing on his mind. However, he lacked one thing: funds. Haden?s mother, Cynthia Davis, told

“So I asked him, ‘Where’s your money? I said, ‘You can mow the grass or help with the dishes, or do anything else to earn some money.?”

But Haden had a better idea. The boy with autism has always loved to draw, so he began crafting pictures then set up shop outside the family?s home in Lincolnton, North Carolina, where he sold them for $1 each. The sign on the table read: “Selling Drawings for Mad Max.?

Within 30 minutes, an astonishing 30 people showed up to buy one of his drawings. As word spread of his endeavor, a GoFundMe campaign was eventually set up. To date, Haden has?raised over $9,000 for his brother.?

The funds will do a lot to help Max, as the 7-year-old was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that has caused tumors to grow on his brain. An unsuccessful surgery took place last year and the boy continues to take medications daily to try and prevent seizures and cramps. According to his mother, the family will see if he can undergo another brain surgery or begin chemotherapy next month.

Haden was inspired to help his brother after joining his family at one of the doctors? visits. Despite having autism and bipolar disorder, he was able to understand how gargantuan of a situation Max is in. The visit also served as a turning point.

“When he realized how sick Max was, it’s like it calmed him down,? commented Davis. ?He?s not focused on his anger anymore. He’s focused on his brother.?

Dragons, dinosaurs, and lizards remain to be some of Haden?s favorite subjects to draw. But he has now begun taking requests?and has illustrated Pokemon, angels and even memorial pictures for loved ones who have passed away.

Haden is incredibly inquisitive and will watch a YouTube video on different techniques if he?s not sure how to draw something. Said his mother,

“If he’s not sure how to draw something, he watches YouTube videos on different techniques, then he’ll do it himself.?

Inspired to care for his brother, Haden has treated Max to ice cream and meals from his favorite restaurants, as well toys. The majority of the money goes towards legos. The most important outcome of the ordeal is that it has resulted in the brothers spending a lot of time together. And all things considered, sometimes spending time with someone you care about is the best medicine.

“Then they’ll just spend time together,” Davis said. “They’ll spend all day long with each other.?

His compassionate acts extend beyond the home. Twice a month, Haden volunteers for Meals on Wheels; he?s also helped hold fundraisers for a nearby nursing home. And, when he?s out at a restaurant and notices a veteran or an officer, he likes to put $5 towards their meal. One thing is certain: the world would benefit if more people were like Haden.

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