Boy Sets Up ‘Free Toy Stand’ To Offer Toys To Less Fortunate Neighbors

Way better than a lemonade stand.

Credit: Melissa Ann Work

Six-year-old Blake Work was cleaning his room one day when he became stressed out about the amount of toys he had and how many he wanted to get rid of. Though many would look at this situation and say it’s a #FirstWorldProblem?which, to be clear, it is?Blake decided to do something most kids would never think to do for his fellow neighbors and classmates. Melissa Ann Work, Blake’s mom, told Good News Network,

?He was overwhelmed with all the toys and we talked about those toys being blessings. We explained to him that not every kid gets to have toys like that, if any. That REALLY hurt his heart. Then he said ?I have an idea?.??

Instead of throwing away the toys, Blake made the decision to open up a “free toy stand,” similar to a lemonade stand except way better, to offer any passersby lacking toys to take one.?To attract more visitors and spread the word, Melissa posted the sale on local garage sale websites.

Credit: Melissa Ann Work

For anyone that came to the sale, they could find Blake sitting at a small table with toys laid out and a sign inviting them to come to their house and choose from more toys. In addition to toys, Blake was also giving away some of the children’s books he had outgrown. Melissa said,

?One couple explained to us that they didn?t have much money. They had an 18-month-old son. They were so grateful, but simply wanted the books. So I told that to Blake and he ran back inside and grabbed more for them. They were so grateful.?

Credit: Melissa Ann Work

Blake sat at the table and gave out his toys and books for four hours, spending that weekend time to do something good rather than using the time like any other 6-year-old and playing games all day. When the free toy stand was over, they decided to give the remaining toys to his kindergarten teacher, who said she would distribute them as rewards to students for good behavior. Melissa and her husband said,

?We are proud of him. This is the same kid who comes over to me in the middle of me cleaning the house, and he just looks up at me and thanks me for doing so. He?s something special.?

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