Boy Born With Disfigured Legs Is Now An Inspirational Breakdancer [Watch]

He may have to use a wheelchair or crutches to travel long distances, but nothing can stop this young man from breakdancing.

Credit: BBC

Meet Blessing, an inspirational teenager who was born with disfigured legs but overcame incredible obstacles to fulfill his dream of dancing. When he was younger, Blessing was told by doctors that he would never walk like a “normal child” due to the state of his legs. Disheartened by their words but devoted to finding some outlet for his creativity, he learned how to breakdance and now teaches award-winning moves to students who twist and flip to obtain trophies.

Blessing told video journalist Tendai Msiyazviriyo, “I was put in a wheel chair at a very young age.” Because a right knee had a metal pin inserted in it to hold the leg together, Blessing’s parents were very much against him dancing — let alone walking. However, just because his legs were “broken” doesn’t mean his spirit was. Aware of this, he pursued breakdancing in secret.

Despite the pain involved, Blessing spent hundreds of hours learning how to breakdance. Because of his efforts, he says he finally gained inner peace.

“It was the only thing that gave me a lot of joy and peace inside of me,” he said.

As GoodNewsNetwork reports, Blessing is best known by his dance name Beat Boy Crystals. Though he “wows” a room when breakdancing, he still has to use crutches or a wheelchair to move long distances. That alone is astounding.

Blessing earns his living through breakdancing and judges at local competitions in his homeland of Zimbabwe. His message to others is that despite obstacles, it is possible to attain one’s dreams.

“If you want something you have to go for it, and you have to keep believing,” he said. “I’m sure you will make it.”

Watch Blessing breakdance in the video below:

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