Both People And Their Pets Are Fed At This NYC Soup Kitchen

Too often a homeless individual must choose to feed themselves or their pet. A soup kitchen in New York is working to change this.



Did you know? Homeless animals in the United States outnumber the number of homeless people 5 to 1. Sometimes those living on the streets adopt a stray as a companion, and inseparable bonds forms as they brave the world together.

Of course, traveling with a buddy means there are two mouths to feed instead of just one, and this means the homeless individual often must choose whether to eat or feed their furry companion. More often than not, it’s Fido that gets an evening meal while their owner goes hungry; ?this unfortunate circumstance occurs far too often.

An organization in New York City is seeking to change this, however, and has so far benefited hundreds of homeless clients and their pets.

Collide, a program founded in 2010, provides humans and their pets a number of life-saving services. Individuals in the area and their furry companions may receive Medical care, education, and supplies.

Every Spring through the Fall, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, they are found on the Lower east Side working with the Graffiti Church to serve a ?family meal? to homeless individuals and their pets. GoodNewsNetwork reports that the valuable resources remain available throughout the winter.

Credit: Collide

Credit: Collide

Shared Jeff Latzer, a?spokesperson for the organization:?

?Our clients come from a wide range of backgrounds, with many suffering from very daunting hardships. Since companion animals can play such a vital role in peoples? mental and spiritual health, we see a lot of very memorable relationships, with a lot of clients working to improve their lives partially out of love and devotion to their pets.?

Amazingly, in just the past five years, the organization has helped over 300 animals while actively supporting about 200 people throughout the year living on the streets.?

Certainly, other shelters could use the offerings provided by Collide. According to Lazter, the idea is beginning to catch on, particularly in shelters for victims of domestic violence where pets are more often being welcomed.

Collide is presently working with other aid groups around the city to expand the services for animals being provided for homeless clients and their pets.

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