“Bone Thug” Rapper Layzie Bone Saves Diabetic Man’s Life On Wyoming Highway

layzie boneLegendary hip hop group “Bone Thugs N Harmony” is currently on tour promoting their new album Art Of War 3, and also performing their most popular album “E 1999 Eternal” in its entirety for fans across the country.

While traveling through Wyoming this week, the group saw a man driving erratically and swerving all over the road before driving off into the grass. Layzie Bone reportedly stopped the tour bus with other members of the group, and rushed to this man’s rescue.

Before emergency crews arrived on the scene, Layzie was able to talk to the man and learn that he was disoriented and having a diabetic shock. Thinking quickly, he gave the man some food and managed to raise his blood sugar and bring him back to reality.

Posting on his Instagram account, Layzie explained how the situation went down:

Dear Lord, thank you for your mercy, grace and forgiveness for 2nd chances. We just witnessed a man 24 years old driving super erratically from Casper Wyoming to Riverton Wyoming. We thought he was a drunk doing 60mph when he spun out of control and did a complete 180• degrees, Thank God he didn’t flip he was 30 ft in front of us. Turns out after we stopped to check on him he was having a diabetic shock. Thanks to the EMS on the scene that happens to be driving right behind us from Indiana and the cute old couple in the RV for the apples and oranges we gave him.

Speaking to local news crews Layzie Bone said, “Im not doing this interview to be no type of hero, like they put it, im not that person, I genuinely care about people.”

While Layzie and the Bone Thugs are known for their hard-edged, revolutionary lyrics, they have also been known to have a very caring and spiritual mentality as well.

John Vibes writes for True Activist and is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war.

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