Boat Crew Brilliantly Rescues Tired Cat Found Lost At Sea [Watch]

This boat crew was the cat's last hope.

Credit: Ihlas News Agency

Credit: Ihlas News Agency

It’s unclear how this cat found himself far out in the ocean, but that’s exactly where he was when a boat crew tasked with cleaning up the surrounding area happened upon the fearful feline.

Off the coast of Turkey, Istanbul’s Environmental Management Division was working to sweep up debris and trash from the surface of the sea when they saw the cat swimming around aimlessly. It was a miracle the cat was still alive because it must have been swimming for quite some time since it was so far. Usually when animals are lost at sea, it’s because they’re so far that they can’t see the shore.

At first, the crew tried to reel the cat in by catching him with a net. Understandably, the cat was extremely scared of being swooped up by strangers and instead avoided the net at all costs. After several unsuccessful attempts, the crew decided to take their rescue efforts to the next level.

The boat is equipped with a conveyor belt that dips into the water and wheels up any trash floating in the ocean to swiftly clean the surface. The crew quickly turned on the belt and drove that part of the boat straight at the swimming cat so that it scooped him up and rolled him onto the boat.

The cat understood immediately what was happening and ran the rest of the way up onto the boat towards his rescuers. Since the video ends swiftly after the cat boards the boat, it’s unclear how he reacted to his shipmates, but Haber Turk, a local news outlet that covered the incident, assured readers that he was brought back safe and sound to dry land.

You can watch the video for yourself below:


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