Blind Dog Abandoned On The Streets Just Because He Had Ticks

Collin had completely given up hope.

Credit: Their Lives Matter

Ticks are a serious problem, especially when they’re literally covering an entire animal and have gone untreated for a long time. The severity of the infestation that plagued Collin, a dog who was found covered in one thousand ticks, was not lost on his rescuers, but they were determined to save him despite all odds.

Collin was no ordinary stray dog, either; as a blind, senior dog that was also suffering from a slew of other health issues due to neglect, the odds of him surviving were low. In Miami, Florida, a concerned neighbor saw Collin’s owner put him outside and approached the man.?Grace Lofton Kaye, founder of Their Lives Matter, told The Dodo,

“A Good Samaritan saw the owner put the dog out of the house and into the yard. When the person asked the owner, the owner said the dog was ill and full of fleas and ticks. He just kicked the dog out of the house.”

Credit: Their Lives Matter

Kaye was alarmed at this action on the owner’s part and searched through the Facebook post that announced Collin’s plight to see if anyone had since saved him. It turned out that he had not yet been picked up by anyone and that he appeared to have given up, appearing lifeless and occasionally panting while laying on the grass.

Kaye immediately called a veterinary hospital to see if they could help, something she knew was necessary because of the immense issues the vets would need to address upon Collin’s arrival. They agreed to take him in and Collin was rushed to the?Pet House Animal Clinic?right away.

Credit: Their Lives Matter

When he arrived at the veterinary center, the staff worked after hours to remove his ticks, give him a much-needed bath, and run tests to see what his overall health was like. He was suffering from arthritis, congestive heart failure, ear infections, and tumors and wounds were all over his back, but the vets confirmed that he was heartworm negative and that, surprisingly, he did not have a tick born disease.

“I cannot tell you how wonderful and caring they are,” Kaye said of the staff. “They stayed after hours yesterday just to receive the dog and they really put their heart and soul into this.”

Credit: Their Lives Matter

Despite Collin’s obvious life of pain and neglect, Kaye and those working with him can see the huge amount of love he has to give and they have already received support in treating Collin and finding a home for him to spend his remaining time on Earth. In the first 24 hours of veterinary care, Collin has wagged his tail, eaten, gone on a short stroll outside, and won over the hearts of all those taking care of him.

Collin is not yet available for adoption, but Kaye has already announced that when he is stable they will be looking for a?”hospice/end of life foster/adopter” family. It’s horrifying to see these everyday instances of neglect, but it’s heartwarming and relieving to know that many dogs like Collin find peace because of rescuers like Kaye and Their Lives Matter.

Credit: Their Lives Matter

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