Black Man’s ‘Free Hugs Project’ Focuses On Police, Sheds Light On Their Humanity [Must Watch]

“The way you find peace is you spread love. That love touches people’s hearts.”

Credit: 'Free Hugs Project'

Credit: ‘Free Hugs Project’

Yes, police brutality is a serious concern. But are all the people who wear a police uniform corrupt individuals? Absolutely not.

As Rep. Joe Salazar recently stated, referring to a potential $15,000 charge against cops in Colorado who stop civilians from filming them:

“It takes a very special person to be a police officer. We want to honor them, but at the same time, we have a few bad apples who need to be aware that their conduct now has major, major consequences.”

Right – a few bad apples. To shed light on the fact that law enforcement workers are ordinary people too – oftentimes spouses, parents, siblings, and children of others, the man behind the “Free Hugs Project” recently shifted his focus to cops.

In case you don’t know Ken Nwadike, the activist has made a name for himself by founding the  movement in which he offers free embraces of compassion to anyone who might receive one. In the past, he dealt free hugs to people at the Boston Marathon and recently, he attended the Republican National Convention to promote peace.

Nwadike recognizes that love – not hate – is the solution to today’s problems, and is inspired to help put an end to violence by “being the change” he desires to see in the world.

In the video below, he states:

“The way you find peace is you spread love. That love touches people’s hearts.”

It hasn’t been easy for individuals of ethnic minorities or police officers in recent weeks, especially since  Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were both shot and killed under seemingly unjust circumstances. However, some law enforcement workers are trying to make amends for the few that have abused their power.

Recently, cops in Wichita, Kansas, held a cookout with the local community to address concerns in a peaceful, fun setting. And, other officers have been conducting positive deeds elsewhere – without seeking acknowledgement – because they want to change the negative stereotype associated with the police force.

Are police brutality and racial disparity two major concerns which need to be addressed and remedied in the U.S.? Absolutely. But fear-based reactions will never result in peace. That’s why Nwadike’s activism is so profoundly moving.

Please watch the video below: 

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