Bill Murray Gives Profound Response When Asked What He Wants In Life [Watch]

The actor’s main desire will inspire you to live a more passionate and present life.

Credit: Nathan Denette / The Canadian Press

Comedian, actor, and writer Bill Murray might be best known for his stints on Saturday Night Live, as well as the movies Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day, but he’s a seemingly down-to-earth guy who understands that the best gifts in life are the simplest of treasures.

Echoing Eckhart Tolle in a 2015 interview with Charlie Rose, Murray expresses his desire to be more present in his day-to-day life. The entire 53-minute-long video can be found here.

“I’d like to be more consistently here,” Murray states in the excerpt. “I’d just like to really see how long I could last just being really here. Really in it, really alive.”

Another actor who has expressed similar sentiment is Jim Carrey, who is an outspoken activist about mindful living and intention. In fact, a number of ‘celebrities’ who seem to have it all are beginning to realize that endless material wealth isn’t the key to happiness. The fact that they’re speaking out about these truths has inspired some to believe that a shift in consciousness is taking place on the planet.

Everyone can find happiness if they choose to be satisfied with what they already have. One thing’s for sure: there’s a lot to be learned from Bill Murray in the interview excerpt above.

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