Bill Gates Wants World’s Poor To Drink Human Faeces, And Everyone Thinks That’s OK

Is this a good or bad idea?

Bill Gates, the world’s most dubious philanthropist, has stooped to a new low by calling on us to support a plan to make poor people drink water vapor made from their own faeces.

For some reason, mainstream (and even some alternative) media has jumped all over this as though Gates were some kind of savior. But we have no idea what the widespread health consequences might be if Gates’s plan goes ahead in countries across the developing world- and apart from that, it’s a slap in the face to everyone who is living on less than a dollar a day.

In this promotional video, Bill pretends to take a sip of the ‘drinking water’, which is ‘purified’ in a very simplistic way- by boiling sewage and extracting the water vapor. We don’t believe for one minute this billionaire actually let it touch his lips, but the propaganda seems to be working well for now.

If we are serious about combating the crucial issue of depleting drinking water in the developing world, we need a long-term plan which works towards better distribution of resources and an end to neo-capitalist free markets which destroy communities and democracies; poison our drinking water and hand over all our rights as natural human beings to the corporations who now own our governments worldwide.

We can’t help but to think this is a step closer to privatize such an important resource that should actually be available ANYONE in the world for FREE through better distribution.  Neslte’s CEO also recently said that water is not a human right and have plans to privatize water.

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