Biden Expresses Desire to Fight Trump for Groping Women, Forgets Own Groping Habit

Joe Biden has joined many others in condemning Trump's lewd comments about women, but went one step further than most, expressing his desire to physically fight the US Presidential candidate.


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Almost all month, mainstream news has been dominated by near-constant coverage of Donald’s Trump poor treatment of women. Though some have expressed doubt over the veracity of these accusations, there is no denying that the issue has conveniently distracted much of the US public from the number of increasing scandals exposing corruption within the Clinton campaign. The accusations and leaked recordings surrounding Trump are once again headline news, thanks to Vice President Joe Biden expressing his desire to “fist fight” with Donald Trump. Biden called out Trump saying, “The press said don’t you wish you were debating him? No, I wish I were in high school so I could take him behind the gym, that’s what I wish.” Biden said it was the 2005 recording leaked earlier this month, where Trump spoke of touching women inappropriately and getting away with it due to his “power,” that angered him enough to wish for a physical altercation with the Republican presidential candidate. Biden called Trump’s assertion in the tape “disgusting” for its strong language and verbal insinuations of sexual assault.

However, Joe Biden himself has been caught on video and on camera touching women and girls, some as young as 10, in ways that clearly made them feel uncomfortable, and all at swearing-in ceremonies over which he presided due to his authority as President of the United States. Even relatively mainstream programs such as the Daily Show have reported on Biden’s “groping” habit, calling their segment “the Audacity of Grope.” Of all the people to slam Trump for his “grab em by the p***y” comment, Biden is nothing if not hypocritical for being caught on camera committing many of the same acts of which Trump is accused. Groping women and girls is wrong, whether you are US vice president or a US presidential candidate. The fact that Biden has received very little media scrutiny for his well-documented actions is nothing, if not indicative of corporate media bias.


Joe Biden touching Stephanie Carter during her husband’s swearing-in ceremony. Credit – NY Post

The most well-known example of Biden’s inappropriate behavior took place during the swearing-in ceremony of now-US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter. When Carter was sworn in February 2015, Joe Biden put his hands on her shoulders for about 30 seconds and, after 15 seconds began “snuggling” her from behind and appeared to be sniffing her hair. The NY Post later called the move “straight out of the stalker handbook.”

Though this particular incident was widely reported on, even more uncomfortable is the video footage of the swearing-in ceremonies for new Senators, which took place a month before. In the video footage, which was broadcast live on C-Span, Joe Biden can be seen groping the daughters of various US politicians, some younger than 10 years old, and even asked for “alone time” with one. She can be heard crying afterward. He also seemingly violated the personal space of several elderly female family members of new Congressmen. With the daughter of Senator Chris Coon, Biden was caught on a hot mic saying “do you have any idea how horny I am to have a 13-year-old girl standing next to me?” The girl is visibly uncomfortable and tries to pull away from Biden, who then kisses her on the forehead and tells her “see you back home, I hope.”

Sexual assault and the groping of women is wrong regardless of who you are. The fact that Biden received preferential treatment for his actions is sickening. If Trump was on video touching women and girls like Biden has, the media would give it non-stop coverage. Yet, Biden was jokingly referred to as “Creepy Uncle Joe” or the “Creepy Veep” instead of a sexual predator. Biden’s recent statements about Trump’s comments show the hypocrisy of the establishment on women’s issues. The defense of women and their control over their own bodies is only protected by the ruling class when it is politically convenient.

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