Berning Down The House! New Poll Shows Sanders Could Win In 2016

It's taken a while to get warmed up, but finally, voters are 'feeling the Bern'. Some commentators even claim Sanders now has a strong chance in the race for the White House.

All the people dismissing Bernie Sanders as unelectable might want to take a look at the results of a poll out yesterday, which show the Vermont socialist surging ahead of rivals Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz.

Results from Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Marist polls carried out between Jan. 2 and Jan 7 in Iowa and New Hampshire show a clear lead for Sanders, who the media have generally ignored in favor of covering Donald Trump’s ridiculous antics, questionable behavior and inappropriate comments.

As Cenk Ugur from The Young Turks points out in this video report, Bernie Sanders is the only candidate not being bought with corporate donation money. In fact, Sanders called out 18 CEOs for corruption, and even turned down ‘poster boy for greed’ Martin Shrkeli’s offer to support his campaign. These displays of authenticity are valuable to the millions of voters who want money taken out of politics and a leader that fights for citizens’ rights over corporate greed. Sanders has promised to fight Monsanto, push for GMO labeling and support organic farmers. He slammed Trump’s sexist comments about Hillary Clinton, and has vowed to fight for women’s rights. Sanders has also pledged to tackle climate change and wealth inequality, create a living wage for Americans, reform Wall Street, and make war a final resort, not standard foreign policy.

It’s no wonder so many people love Bernie Sanders…but is he electable? Looking at the poll results from this month, it wouldn’t be too optimistic to say yes, he is. Clinton is slightly ahead among likely Democratic voters in Iowa with a 48%-to-45% lead over Sanders, but the gap is closing fast. Sanders is beating her among likely primary voters in New Hampshire, with 50% support compared to Clinton?s 46%.

The New Hampshire poll interviewed 569 likely Republican primary voters and 425 likely Democratic primary voters, and the Iowa survey was conducted with 422 likely Democratic voters and 456 likely Republican voters. According to Time magazine, the margins of error of (plus or minus) percentage points given for each poll result are as follows: Iowa Democrats 4.8; Republicans 4.6. New Hampshire Republicans 4.1; Democrats 4.8. The lead by Bernie Sanders is within the poll’s margins of error. If Clinton (who employed a former Monsanto lobbyist to run her campaign) is defeated in Iowa, it’s a whole new ball game. Could this be the year the USA sees real change?

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