Bernie Sanders Thanks Mother For Breastfeeding At His Rally

After a recent rally in Ohio, Bernie Sanders and his wife, Jane, personally thanked a supporter for being a great mom by attending to her child during the campaign.


Credit: Margaret Ellen Bradford

It?s no secret that the female body is objectified more in the United States than in other countries. In Europe, for example, it?s perfectly normal to venture to a nude beach and lie out in the sun with your ta-tas exposed. In America, you?d be placed under arrest and fined.

Because people in the U.S. are conditioned to view the human body as a sexual object, even breastfeeding is seen to be a shameful – albeit controversial – act. Though women aren?t flagrantly exposing themselves to attract members of the opposite sex, they?re made to feel embarrassed about freeing their nipple(s) so they might nourish a child they gave birth to.

In recent years, a number of activist groups, such as Free The Nipple, have drawn attention to the sexist double standard. It?s perfectly okay for men to display their nipples – or worse, for beheadings to be shown on television and social media, but it?s considered indecent for a woman to be bare-chested. It?s about equality.?

Someone who knows much about the plight for equal rights is Bernie Sanders, and he definitely doesn?t oppose breastfeeding in public.

During a recent rally in Ohio, Elle Bradford was captured on camera nursing her 6-month-old daughter, Harper. Reportedly, her daughter was hungry, so she breastfed her in her seat.

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She told WEWS-TV:

?There is no, ?I?m feeding you in 10 minutes.? It?s ?I?m feeding you right here, right now, or you?re screaming.?

Shortly after the campaign, the photo of Bradford and Harper started circulating on social media. Bernie Sanders and his wife, Jane, also thanked Elle and her daughter personally.

Bradford wrote on Facebook:

?After the rally, Bernie and Jane O?Meara Sanders both thanked me for doing what mothers do and taking care of my daughter when she needed her mom, even if that meant nursing in public!??


It goes without saying that Donald Trump – who has shown the world his sexist tendencies on numerous occasions – would not have been in support of Elle nursing her child in public. The Republican presidential contender is so brash when it comes to respecting women, he once shamed Hillary Clinton for using the bathroom.

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