Bernie Sanders’ Newest Campaign Video Will Give You CHILLS [Watch]

Can you feel the BERN?

In November of this year, American citizens will elect a new president. Will it be Donald Trump? Ted Cruz? Bernie Sanders? Or Monsanto’s leading lady Hillary Clinton?

The debate is raging, but so is a number of millennials’ resolve to elect Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist and progressive.

The Senator from Vermont has captured many fans in his plight to create a ‘political revolution’ by bringing people together and getting big money out of politics. 

Some say a Socialist will never win, but the Democratic candidate nominee has already raised a record-breaking 3.5 million from individual contributions; that equates to his many fans contributing about $27 each. 


If such a statistic declares anything, it’s that the people have a voice, and they are using the funds they have to back a president that works for the people, not big corporations.

Sanders shares his message in his newest campaign: America should work for all of us. 

Watch the video above and comment your thoughts below!

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