Bernie Sanders Likely To Take The Lead, According To New Reuters Poll

According to a new poll, Bernie Sanders is the most likely candidate to win the Democratic nomination.



Bernie Sanders fans have reason to celebrate, for a new Reuters poll suggests that the progressive presidential contender is likely to overtake Hillary Clinton in?the near future.

The survey of 1,680 registered voters, 635 of whom identified as Democrats, was conducted between April 9 and April 13. Among all Democrats and Democratic-leaning independent voters, Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton by a 47-42 margin while 11% of respondents stated that they wouldn?t vote for either candidate.

USUncut relays that Sanders beat Clinton by one point (49-48) among registered Democrats. The margin is minute, but is powerful considering that he demolished Clinton by 16 points among self-identified independents.

Of all respondents, 36% affiliate with the Democrat Party, 28% were identified as Republicans, and 12% listed themselves as independents. 9% leaned toward Democrats, 5% toward Republicans, and 7% favored a third party. Only 2% of those surveyed said they were unsure of their party affiliation.

The poll has a 2.7% margin of error; could it be foreshadowing future events to come?

Reportedly, Clinton is still narrowly ahead of Bernie Sanders, though her lead has diminished considerably since the beginning of 2016. With Sanders? recent wins and 247 delegates still up for grabs in New York, it truly is anyone?s game.

Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island will cast their ballots on April 26, with 348 pledged delegates at stake.

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