Bernie Sanders Invokes The Holocaust To Make A Point About Donald Trump [Watch]

After insistent urging from supporters, Bernie Sanders has finally addressed Donald Trump's stance on how Muslims should be treated.

It?s not the first time Donald Trump has been likened to Adolf Hitler for his hateful rhetoric and fascist ideas, but when such a comparison comes from Bernie Sanders, it causes one to take pause.

At a recent campaign, Sanders finally decided to answer supporters? popular question of what he thinks about Trump?s disturbing ideas concerning Muslims. In his response, he invoked the Holocaust:

?You know I?m Jewish. My father came to this country at the age of 17 from Poland. He came over. Other people in his family did not come over. Those people died. Children died, relatives of my father. That is in my heart to see what a lunatic can do bringing up racial hatred and we?re not going to allow that to take place in this country.

I?m going to do everything that I can to stop those Islamophobic attacks so that kids in this country who happen to be Muslim aren?t afraid.?

AddictingInfo relays that the statement was made after a Muslim-American woman voiced her fears about the growing Islamophobia in the U.S. Reportedly, she is scared for herself and her son in today?s anti-Muslim environment, which is actually understandable.

While there are enlightened individuals and activists in America ready to take action against fear-mongering and blatant propaganda, certain experiments have shown that populations would be willing to ?brand? Muslims with a star in exchange for $40.

Credit: haaretz.com

Credit: haaretz.com

Unfortunately, it?s not just Donald Trump who can be blamed for raising the specter of racism and fear. Ted Cruz also called for ?police patrols? of Muslim-American neighborhoods shortly after the attacks in Belgium. Clearly, reform?is needed if positive change is to take place in the United States.

Sanders, at least, continues to draw outstanding crowds at his rallies, even though mainstream media continues to suggest otherwise.

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