Bernie Sanders And Stephen Colbert Perform In Hilarious Skit, Teach Power Of Perseverance [Watch]

Senator Sanders explains to Stephen Colbert why he won?t be dropping out of the presidential race, using a vending machine as an example.

Recently, on Stephen Colbert?s Late Night Show, presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders explained to the host why he wasn?t bowing out of the race, using a vending machine as an example.

The humorous skit began with Colbert inserting a dollar into a vending machine, only to see the candy bar he purchased get stuck on the rack. Distressed, he taps the machine. Then, he then sits down feeling defeated, resigned to lose his candy bar.

Before Bernie Sanders enters the set, Colbert says with a sigh, ?It?s a lost cause.? Sanders, of course, has the opposite opinion.

?It is not a lost cause,” says the Senator.

The Democratic presidential contender then checks the vending machine for a $27 donation before expressing his optimism about the upcoming primary election in West Virginia.

?I think we?ve got a shot to win,? Sanders said. ?It?s because in West Virginia, like every place else in this country, too many people are working longer hours for lower wages. They want change, Stephen.?

An exchange then ensues between the two, with Colbert supporting his skepticism of Sanders’ campaign by relaying that the delegate math is against him. Bernie then responds:

?It?s a narrow shot, but we still have a chance to win a majority of the pledged delegates. We?re gonna fight for every last vote, and at the end of the day, I hope and believe that we are going to win this.?

But Colbert, still defeated, isn’t sure it?s possible. He asks:

?But at a certain point, don?t we have to say, I?m not going to get the thing that I want? I mean, look at me, I?m never going to get my candy.?

So, Sanders replies:

?You?ve got to believe, Stephen. You can?t give up on that contested confection. You?ve got to rock the system!?


Credit: CBS

After rocking the vending machine back and forth, Colbert eventually gets his candy bar. The skit serves not only to humor Late Night Show viewers and Sanders supporters?but to stress an important point about fighting for what’s right – no matter how difficult it becomes.

At present, the Senator trails Hillary Clinton by 285 pledged delegates?in the race for the nomination, with 933 pledged delegates remaining.

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