Ben & Jerry?s Bans Same-Scoop Flavors Until Australia Legalizes Gay Marriage

Ice cream lovers in Australia are banned from ordering two scoops of the same flavor until marriage equality is realized.

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Though the majority of Australian residents support gay marriage, it is still illegal for same-sex couples to be wed within the country. Less than enthused by this reality, longtime supporter of LGBT rights Ben & Jerry?s has mandated that ice cream enthusiasts in Australia are no longer able to order two scoops of the same flavor at its Scoop Shops until marriage equality is realized.

A new statement on their website reads:

“Imagine heading down to your local Scoop Shop to order your favourite two scoops of Cookie Dough in a waffle cone. But you find out you are not allowed ? Ben & Jerry?s has banned two scoops of the same flavour. You?d be furious!

But this doesn?t even begin to compare to how furious you would be if you were told you were not allowed to marry the person you love. So we are banning two scoops of the same flavor and encouraging our fans to contact their MPs to tell them that the time has come ? make marriage equality legal! Love comes in all flavours!?

As Distractify reports, those who do support marriage equality are invited to visit one of the Ben & Jerry?s stores and write on a postcard to their local member of parliament. The ice cream company will then deliver the handwritten letter to MPs before the next parliamentary sitting which will take place on June 13th.

Credit: Ben & Jerry’s/NBC News

The company continues:

“At Ben & Jerry?s we love love, and we think most Australians do too. More Australians than ever before believe everyone should have the right to love who they love ? and marry them too, if that’s what makes you happy. Let?s make it happen! Go to your local scoop shop to send a message to your local representative and tell them you support marriage equality!”?

Adding that Australia is ?lagging behind? in terms of marriage equality, Ben & Jerry?s proceeded to tweet a map showing where same-sex couples can get married.

Response to Ben & Jerry?s activism has been mixed. Some have thrown their support fully behind the ice cream company whereas others have pledged to never purchase ice cream from their stores again. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

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